Diablo 2 Revival – Median XL Mod

Diablo 3 coming in the future its time to revive some old friend of mine – Diablo 2. I normally used playing on  Battle.net but after all these years it would be boring to do all the time-waste again – and so I will waste my time on a mod! I wanted to play online and I’d like to play an mod.

Ok, short look – what mods are abailalbe ? Is there a possibility to play only whithout all the cheaters ?

For me there were two answers: first I found the private Diablo 2 servers of the D2 Maniacs page. Jump over to their site to get some info about playing “closed battle net” on their servers. On the start page you will also see some mods hosted there.

After a short look my second answer was given, I tried Medial XL. Its a great new mod recently published as final. The key features which stand out of all the other mods are the new skill system, completely redone, and the so called uberquests for experianced play. Another cool thing is the game flow. You can merge a lot of things in you cube to get realllllly good stuff and as a result you dont have to “mule”. Most of the time I could play without shuffling stuff between my characters.

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